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CSV EXPORT : improvments

Added by Yann Le Jeune about 13 years ago. Updated almost 13 years ago.

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01 February 2011
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Various improvments :

  • As most of the users are using Windows it could be usefull not to use UTF8 (use ANSI?) as accents are not easyly managed with utf8,

  • comma should not be used as separator (confusion for text or future concat of elements). Maybe ";" instead ?,

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Updated by Yann Le Jeune about 13 years ago

CSV should provide all datas linked to the objects listed AND/OR the listed datas should be more complete.

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Updated by Étienne Loks about 13 years ago

And we should use no accentuated letters and write all fields with caps-lock? :)

Seriously: which prehistoric application is problematic? OOo manage UTF8 with no problems.

Not using UTF8 can be really painful in internationalization.

Comma for separator is not really an issue as quotation marks are used to managed strings with commas. But semi-colon are more common: it will be changed.

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Updated by Yann Le Jeune about 13 years ago

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Yeah. It's a shame. :)

It works with Ooo but not by default.

The actual process is (here with winXp) :

  • the csv is generated and saved in the Download directory (not elsewhere, not open on_the_fly),

  • I open the Download directory, right clic (open with...), i choose Ooocalc,

  • I get a windows where i can choos the coding (long list, UTF8 is the last) and the separator (radio button),

  • Now I have my fancy table :)

Maybe the prehistoric application is WinXP...

For Internationalisation reason i understand. But for most XP users this will be painfull. Secretary are not used to caract coding.

One another simple solution is to provide the list in HTML (in a tab for example). That list (table) can be paste in OOocalc with correct accent or printed. BUT this is another feature. So We can keep that export at that step. :) Sure that peoples will talk to me about "accent problem" for a long time. :P

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Updated by Yann Le Jeune about 13 years ago

I just test this under linux/Ubuntu.

No problem, that's perfect.

Seems that the prehistoric one is WinXP..:P

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Updated by Anonymous about 13 years ago

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Updated by Étienne Loks almost 13 years ago

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