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17:11 Ishtar Bug #5642 (Résolu): Since v4, calendars are in English in the French interface
Valérie-Emma Leroux


12:08 Ishtar Feature #5606 (Nouveau): Finds batch modification: add integrity field
Valérie-Emma Leroux


16:40 Ishtar Feature #5567 (Nouveau): Excavation technic field: add a hierarchy
Valérie-Emma Leroux


18:24 Ishtar Bug #5515 (Nouveau): Manuel merge of persons/organisations/containers: message of the first panel to be changed
During the first search step, the message at the bottom shouldn't be "Search and select an item in the table" as at l... Valérie-Emma Leroux
18:14 Ishtar Feature #5514 (Nouveau): Person directory: propose to the automatic merge people with identical raw names even if they do not have the same organization attached
Valérie-Emma Leroux


13:28 Ishtar Feature #5467 (Nouveau): Convert the "Excavation technique" type field into a multivalued type field
excavation_technic Valérie-Emma Leroux


12:19 Ishtar Anomalie #5358 (Résolu): Removing the OA prefix for operation code (admin interface > instance profile) makes it impossible to open the operation sheets afterwards
Valérie-Emma Leroux


12:59 Ishtar Evolution #5000 (Résolu): New action needed: attach a document to another document (metadata)
Valérie-Emma Leroux


13:00 Ishtar Evolution #5288 (Résolu): Import: enable the access to the photos zip (currently accessible only in admin interface) as we access the source file
Valérie-Emma Leroux
12:59 Ishtar Evolution #5287 (Résolu): Import: enable the re-upload of the source file after the analysis phase or an import with errors without having to delete the import and recreate it
Valérie-Emma Leroux

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