Valérie-Emma Leroux

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  • Ishtar (Administrateur, Développeur / Coordinateur, 11/18/2013)



12:19 Ishtar Anomalie #5358 (Résolu): Removing the OA prefix for operation code (admin interface > instance profile) makes it impossible to open the operation sheets afterwards
Valérie-Emma Leroux


12:59 Ishtar Evolution #5000 (Résolu): New action needed: attach a document to another document (metadata)
Valérie-Emma Leroux


13:00 Ishtar Evolution #5288 (Résolu): Import: enable the access to the photos zip (currently accessible only in admin interface) as we access the source file
Valérie-Emma Leroux
12:59 Ishtar Evolution #5287 (Nouveau): Import: enable the re-upload of the source file after the analysis phase or an import with errors without having to delete the import and recreate it
Valérie-Emma Leroux
12:40 Ishtar Evolution #5286 (Nouveau): Make the delete import button more visible at the end of the list of items to delete
Valérie-Emma Leroux
12:35 Ishtar Evolution #5285 (Nouveau): Make the text above the Validate banner more visible
(so that it is read) Valérie-Emma Leroux


15:36 Ishtar Anomalie #5198 (Nouveau): Sheet duplication bugs on finds when several base finds: only the last one is duplicated
Valérie-Emma Leroux


09:55 Ishtar Anomalie #5167 (Nouveau): Container sheet: bug when no main image has been designated
When an image has been linked to a container (as an illustration of the container, not the container being the physic... Valérie-Emma Leroux


17:12 Ishtar Anomalie #5124 (Nouveau): Bug on search results with dates criteria and exclusion
Exemple : I would like to list all items created after 2020-10-01. As creation date is not an available criteria, I u... Valérie-Emma Leroux


11:43 Ishtar Anomalie #5052: Packaging quick action: the + to add a new container does not open a new pop-up
It's ok if the find sheet is opened from a find research.
But same bug if the find sheet is opened from an operati...
Valérie-Emma Leroux

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