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FINDS / Index, references and numbers...

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A find is recorded as relevant of OPE and Context Unit.

A Context unit reference can be a number or anything else (Square AD34, US 24, etc...)

A fully recorded OPE is referenced by a Patriarche code (OA).

If a Patriarche code (OA) is not yet recorded (that is a bad thing) then the reference is of Year+number type.

If the Patriarche code (OA) has not been recorded in OPE then creating CONTEXT UNIT and FINDS, then a red flag reminder must be displayed as it's really not a good thing (but as usual, bad things happened..).

If a Patriarche code is recorded in OA after the creation of CONTEXT-UNIT or FINDS it's not so bad if no listing or label has been printed.

Therefore and to be more precise for finds :

  • A find must have an unique reference number by context unit (an index not recorded by the user but created by Ishtar),

  • Usually archaeologist likes to record by material type (Metal, Bone etc...), that can be tricky for composite items or material identification errors, but that's life... and a common process in various archaeological services.

So Ishtar must provide TWO unique (?!? :) ) reference code for FINDS :

  • (OPE_code)-(Context unit label)-(Find number)

And (to please archaeologist and for easier packaging management)

  • (OPE_code)-(Context unit label)-(Material Code)-(Find number by material code)

If the Patriarche code (OA) has been recorded then the Reference code for a FIND is unique at a national wide scale.

If not, it is unique (Year+index) at a regional or archaeological service scale.

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